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September 10, 2014

Effective Web Marketing Tools

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Marketing Tool Guide Did you know there are now over 2.5 Billion Internet users around the world. And that number is increasing every day. That's roughly 30% of the world's population now using the web to surf, to find information, and of course - to shop... that's one enormous marketplace. Likewise, many individuals just like yourself, have taken advantage of this new medium and created successful online websites and businesses. In the process these online marketers have carved out an envious lifestyle - working at home or wherever they want, working their own hours, creating part-time or full-time incomes for themselves and their families. Many have attained a level of personal and financial freedom, rarely experienced this side of a Bill Gates's luncheon. Along the way many of these marketers and ordinary people have realized in order to fully maximize their benefits from sales and traffic you need professional marketing tools. In other words, you need high quality proven marketing tools and software to make your job easier and quicker. These marketing tools will save you time, money and stress. A whole lot of stress! But more importantly, it is these effective marketing tools which give you the freedom that makes the whole online marketing experience so envious. These tools will Liberate you from hours or even days of tedious work. These marketing tools do most of the work for you. Professional marketers know a one-time investment in high quality effective marketing tools will pay dividends again and again... they also know it is the only way to proceed. Who's the Expert? This is a companion site to - a popular marketing site which receives thousands of unique visitors each month and is run by 10 year Professional Internet Marketer veteran Titus Hoskins. If you type his name into Google you will find over 100,000 links - pointing to his articles, sites, blogs, etc. His articles on Internet Marketing have appeared in such ezines or sites as (cir.900,000),,,,,,, The main reason for this companion site is to narrow down the more general information found on, and to create a precise list of the best and most effective Internet marketing tools any marketer or webmaster can use to increase their traffic and sales. Please Note As to the new FTC Guidelines for full disclosure and transparency in online marketing; most, if not all of the recommended programs and services are affiliate links. (See below for further information on this.) This Marketing Tool Guide is a laser focused guide to the most effective Internet marketing tools available to e-marketers and website owners. You will find help with search engine optimization, website building, traffic building, keyword marketing, affiliate marketing, Adsense marketing... and many, many more. Recommended Effective Internet Marketing Tools: Independence Special Special SiteSell Promotion Site Build It by Ken Evoy is still the best "e-Business" starter package on the web. Road-map to creating/building/promoting your online business or website. Now you get two for the price of one and there's a 90-day Guarantee so there's no excuse for not starting right now.

Keyword Elite – Keyword Research Software
Benefits: Builds Large Keyword Lists Fast, Analyze Your Keyword Competition Quickly, Spy on Your Competitors, Find Profitable Keywords

Keyword Research Software from Brad Callen. This is the ultimate keyword research software you can purchase. It will save you time and money by quickly building large lists of useful keywords within minutes. It will show you profitable keywords and analyze your keyword competition with just one click of a button... Price: $167 - Includes Exclusive Bonus Guides & All Future Upgrades Find out more about Keyword Elite

Web CEO – Site Management & Promotion Software
Benefits: Manage Your Websites Easily, Build Rank and Links, Analyze your Site Effectively, Powerful Search Engine Optimization will give your site the edge

Web CEO is powerful website promotion software. Whole suite of website marketing tools SEO tactics, site promotion, site analytics and site maintenance. Many Top 500 companies use this website optimization software. Prices: SmallBiz Edition $189 USD Professional Edition $389 USD Try a free Trial: Web CEO

Web Position 4 – Search Engine Optimization Software
Benefits: Build Top Rankings Quickly, Maintain Your Rankings Easily, Build Traffic, Promote Your Website Effectively

Web Position 4 is website Optimization Software and can be used in conjunction with WebTrends to analyze your site and conversions. Basic toolkit for organic search marketing and positioning. Also offers Page Critic - a subscription service which alerts you to late-breaking changes in the SEO environment and recommends actions to maintain your site's competitive edge. Prices: WebPosition 4 Standard $149.00 Supports up to 5 Sites. WebPosition 4 PROFESSIONAL $389.00 Try a free Trial: Web Position 4

Arelis – Search Engine Optimization Software
Benefits: Achieve High Rankings Quickly, Promote
Your Sites Effectively, Build A Network of Links Fast

Arelis from Axandra - Link Exchange and website promotion software that has earned the highest ratings and top editor's picks from such sites as,, and Prices: IBP Standard: $249.95 USD IBP Business: $449.95 USD Try a free Trial: Arelis

1 Shopping Cart – Shopping Cart + Marketing Tools
Benefits: Automate Your Whole Site’s Marketing System, Make More Sales By Accepting Credit Cards, Professionalizes Your Website

All-in-One Marketing Automation system that provides shopping cart software and marketing tools. Really automates your whole online business. Autoresponder, Product delivery and affiliate software. It is very Professional. Powerful. Prices: Starter Package - $29 per/month Professional Package - $79 per/month Take a 30 day risk-free test-drive for just $3.95. 1 Shopping Cart

Site Sell Services – Complete Web Business Done For YOU
Benefits: Complete Website Done For You, Hands Off Web Marketing, SBI Experts Handles Your Whole Online Marketing System, Create a Professional Web Presence for Your Company or Service…

Site Sell Services Do It For Me! Let SBI Experts Build Your Online Site & Marketing for You. Mainly for those companies and individuals who don't have the time or desire to create and market a website or business online. Proven system, great experts and results - Plus SBI's large online resources makes this an obvious winner. Highly Recommended. Prices: The introductory package starts at just $1599, plus $49 per month... Custom Website for your company. Site Sell Services

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    July 3, 2014

    Get 33% off popular SiteSell’s web hosting packages SBI! & bizXpress

    by @ 12:51 pm. Filed under SBI! Sale
    SBI! Sale

    SBI @ bizXpress Independence Day Sale

    Get 33% off popular SiteSell’s web hosting packages SBI! & bizXpress

    Ken Evoy’s SiteBuildIt and bizXpress are some of the best hosting packages on the web – especially for beginning or novice webmasters. It gives the new site builder not only all the tools needed to construct a site but step-by-step instructions on how to build an online web business.

    Thousands have used the SiteSell program to create a new “stay-at-home” lifestyle which has truly changed their lives for the positive. Once you have experienced what an online business can achieve, there is no going back. Independence is its own reward.

    However, don’t get mislead or mistaken by this statement, building a web site and online business will take a lot of time and effort on your part. Just don’t expect to buy these packages and suddenly be in profit… it does actually take some hard work.

    But with SBI or bizXpress (WordPress site) you can create a very viable website – how viable will depend on the amount of work you put into it and your own skill-set.

    Now is a great time to get started with creating your website/business – for the first time, SiteSell is offering 33% off its popular hosting packages. If you want to find out more… click this link:

    It will provide you with all the information and an informative review of SBI!


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