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Marketing Tool Guide Did you know there are now over 2.5 Billion Internet users around the world. And that number is increasing every day. That's roughly 30% of the world's population now using the web to surf, to find information, and of course - to shop... that's one enormous marketplace. Likewise, many individuals just like yourself, have taken advantage of this new medium and created successful online websites and businesses. In the process these online marketers have carved out an envious lifestyle - working at home or wherever they want, working their own hours, creating part-time or full-time incomes for themselves and their families. Many have attained a level of personal and financial freedom, rarely experienced this side of a Bill Gates's luncheon. Along the way many of these marketers and ordinary people have realized in order to fully maximize their benefits from sales and traffic you need professional marketing tools. In other words, you need high quality proven marketing tools and software to make your job easier and quicker. These marketing tools will save you time, money and stress. A whole lot of stress! But more importantly, it is these effective marketing tools which give you the freedom that makes the whole online marketing experience so envious. These tools will Liberate you from hours or even days of tedious work. These marketing tools do most of the work for you. Professional marketers know a one-time investment in high quality effective marketing tools will pay dividends again and again... they also know it is the only way to proceed. Who's the Expert? This is a companion site to - a popular marketing site which receives thousands of unique visitors each month and is run by 10 year Professional Internet Marketer veteran Titus Hoskins. If you type his name into Google you will find over 100,000 links - pointing to his articles, sites, blogs, etc. His articles on Internet Marketing have appeared in such ezines or sites as (cir.900,000),,,,,,, The main reason for this companion site is to narrow down the more general information found on, and to create a precise list of the best and most effective Internet marketing tools any marketer or webmaster can use to increase their traffic and sales. Please Note As to the new FTC Guidelines for full disclosure and transparency in online marketing; most, if not all of the recommended programs and services are affiliate links. (See below for further information on this.) This Marketing Tool Guide is a laser focused guide to the most effective Internet marketing tools available to emarketers and website owners. You will find help with search engine optimization, website building, traffic building, keyword marketing, affiliate marketing, Adsense marketing... and many, many more. Recommended Effective Internet Marketing Tools: Independence Special Special SiteSell Promotion Site Build It by Ken Evoy is still the best "e-Business" starter package on the web. Road-map to creating/building/promoting your online business or website. Now you get two for the price of one and there's a 90-day Guarantee so there's no excuse for not starting right now.

Keyword Elite - Keyword Research Software
Benefits: Builds Large Keyword Lists Fast, Analyze Your Keyword Competition Quickly, Spy on Your Competitors, Find Profitable Keywords

Keyword Research Software from Brad Callen. This is the ultimate keyword research software you can purchase. It will save you time and money by quickly building large lists of useful keywords within minutes. It will show you profitable keywords and analyze your keyword competition with just one click of a button... Price: $167 - Includes Exclusive Bonus Guides & All Future Upgrades Find out more about Keyword Elite

Web CEO - Site Management & Promotion Software
Benefits: Manage Your Websites Easily, Build Rank and Links, Analyze your Site Effectively, Powerful Search Engine Optimization will give your site the edge

Web CEO is powerful website promotion software. Whole suite of website marketing tools SEO tactics, site promotion, site analytics and site maintainance. Many Top 500 companies use this website optimization software. Prices: SmallBiz Edition $189 USD Professional Edition $389 USD Try a free Trial: Web CEO

Web Position 4 - Search Engine Optimization Software
Benefits: Build Top Rankings Quickly, Maintain Your Rankings Easily, Build Traffic, Promote Your Website Effectively

Web Position 4 is website Optimization Software and can be used in conjunction with WebTrends to analyze your site and conversions. Basic toolkit for organic search marketing and positioning. Also offers Page Critic - a subscription service which alerts you to late-breaking changes in the SEO environment and recommends actions to maintain your site's competitive edge. Prices: WebPosition 4 Standard $149.00 Supports up to 5 Sites. WebPosition 4 PROFESSIONAL $389.00 Try a free Trial: Web Position 4

Arelis - Search Engine Optimization Software
Benefits: Achieve High Rankings Quickly, Promote Your Sites Effectively, Build A Network of Links Fast

Arelis from Axandra - Link Exchange and website promotion software that has earned the highest ratings and top editor's picks from such sites as,, and Prices: IBP Standard: $249.95 USD IBP Business: $449.95 USD Try a free Trial: Arelis

SEO Elite - SEO & Linking Software
Benefits: Get Top Rankings Quickly, Link Building Made Easy, Simple to Use SEO Software Will Deliver Organic Search Engine Traffic,

Brad Callen's SEO Elite is powerful SEO software. Emphasis is on organic Search Engine traffic and natural link building. Wealth of SEO knowledge is supplied along with the software! Prices: $167 - Includes All Future Upgrades Try a free Trial: SEO Elite

1 Shopping Cart - Shopping Cart + Marketing Tools
Benefits: Automate Your Whole Site's Marketing System, Make More Sales By Accepting Credit Cards, Professionalizes Your Website,

All-in-One Marketing Automation system that provides shopping cart software and marketing tools. Really automates your whole online business. Autoresponder, Product delivery and affiliate software. Professional. Powerful. Prices: Starter Package - $29 per/month Professional Package - $79 per/month Take a 30 day risk-free test-drive for just $3.95. 1 Shopping Cart

Site Sell Services - Complete Web Business Done For YOU
Benefits: Complete Website Done For You, Hands Off Web Marketing, SBI Experts Handles Your Whole Online Marketing System, Create a Professional Web Presence for Your Company or Service...

Site Sell Services Do It For Me! Let SBI Experts Build Your Online Site & Marketing for You. Mainly for those companies and individuals who don't have the time or desire to create and market a website or business online. Proven system, great experts and results - Plus SBI's enomorous online resources makes this an obvious winner. Highly Recommended. Prices: The introductory package starts at just $1599, plus $49 per month... Custom Website to match your company. Site Sell Services

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    March 29, 2007

    JVManager2 Fantasos

    by @ 5:57 am. Filed under Internet Marketing Tools


    Get Ready! Fantasos is Coming!

    On April 1St the Next Version of John Delavera’s JVManager2
    Fantasos is scheduled for release. For many professional
    online marketers this is the ultimate affiliate management
    system. None compares to it!

    If you’re not familiar with JVmanager, you can check out
    the many feastures here by taking a quick video peek at Fantasos:
    JVmanager2 Preview

    Now the first version JVManager reached almost 70 updates
    over $100 thousand was spent in upgrades. This marketing
    software has now been further advanced with the release of
    Fantasos JVManager2.

    Very comprehensive software, JVManager lets you
    control all your online marketing from one simple
    interface: Products, affiliates, JV partners, sales,
    marketing, promotions, PPC programs… work all your
    online marketing within the JVManager.

    Obviously,  save your time and money by using this marketing
    tool. It will simplify all your marketing tasks
    and chores. Recommended.

    Use this link to save $500 Off!

    JVmanager2 Fantasos



    December 8, 2006

    Website Wizard BUY-1 GET-1-FREE Holiday Special

    by @ 7:31 am. Filed under Uncategorized, Website Wizard

    It appears that WebsiteWizard, the company
    behind the successful website-building and
    ecommerce “all-in-one” toolkit is offering
    a special Holiday Special.

    The word is out that they’ve just launched
    a BUY-1 GET-1-FREE Holiday Special for their
    WebsiteWizard product. Moreover, at the same
    time they’ve introduced incredible
    multimedia features that were previously
    unheard of.

    Here’s only a small part of what WebsiteWizard
    can do for you:

    * register your .com domain name
    * create your website
    * choose from many beautiful templates
    * use a simple web-based visual editor
    * experience 24/7 accessibility and ease of use
    * add web-forms to your site easily
    * create your own logo in a snap
    * get search engine traffic
    * help to optimize your site for search engines
    * add a shopping cart to your website
    * accept credit card payments
    * take online orders 24/7/365
    * deliver your digital products automatically
    * enhance your website with audio recordings
    * put streaming video content on your site
    * get voice testimonials via a toll-free line
    … and much more.

    This is a Great Deal and Here’s why…

    Their asking price is not $15,000. Not even $7,000.
    Not even close to $2,000. It’s not even $1,000.

    They’re only charging $347 for the whole year,
    and that’s not for one account, but for *TWO*!

    Personally, I think it’d be a big waste to
    lose out on this amazing deal.

    I think they’ve almost run out of all the 500
    accounts they had on the sale, so if you want
    to take advantage of this *crazy offer*, you’d
    better take action now:

    Website Wizard


    When asked for a coupon, enter “KAYA”.

       (if the above link didn’t work it means
       they’ve already sold out their inventory)

    Good luck and Happy Holidays!

    October 1, 2006

    MYSS - Make Your Site Sell - Is Now FREE!

    by @ 5:56 am. Filed under Marketing Tool Guide


    ‘The BIBLE Of Selling On The Net’ Get it FREE!

    Without a doubt, this is the most definitive book on
    making your website sell. Comprehensive, detailed, and
    straight to the point. This marketing guide has been
    appropriately coined ‘The BIBLE Of Selling On The Net’.

    Nothing tops this information. Nothing comes close.

    Ken Evoy’s MYSS Make Your Site SELL should be required
    reading for anyone trying to make an income online.
    Proven strategies that work!
    The Original price was $17 - then it was raised to $29.95.


    Now it can be yours for FREE!

    Click Here for Your Free Copy of MAKE YOUR SITE SELL



    September 1, 2006

    Free Industrial Magazine Subscriptions

    by @ 8:58 am. Filed under Free Industrial Magazine Subscriptions

    Free online magazine subscriptions
    Magazines targeted to your job and industry

    Click Here For Free Magazines!

    Do you often avoid “free” offers because they’re just not worth the hassle? If you
    believe it’s always true that “you get what you pay for,” then think again!

    Some ‘Free Offers’ are worth their weight in gold!, a targeted Business-to-Business magazine industry website, offers
    a huge selection of magazines-free to you online. No credit card needed; no future
    cancellation that needs to be remembered. All you give in exchange for the free,
    print subscription is some information about you (and it’s not anything really personal,
    either). You might be wondering, how can these magazines be free? The answer is: advertising.
    As a new subscriber, you will be asked to fill out a short questionnaire in order to qualify
    (you are required to work in some aspect of the industry the magazine discusses).

    Publishers use these demographics to charge a higher premium for their ads,” explains
    David Fortino, Director of Business Development at, a division of NetLine
    Corporation. That, in a nutshell, is the process that allows these magazines to stay
    “free,” and it’s why you will never pay a dime to receive them. is one of the largest free trade magazine sites on the Web,
    offering over 250 titles in 27 different industries. The site is focused on providing
    incredible depth in many trade verticals, including Computers, Finance, Agriculture,
    BioTech, Healthcare, Multimedia, Sales & Marketing, Telecom & Wireless and many more.
    It includes the most popular ‘controlled-circulation’ publications in the world including
    eWeek, InfoWorld, CFO, and Advanced Packaging.

    Keep up to date on the information that is important to you and your business.

    After browsing through the industry categories on the site, just click on the magazine
    that interests you and then answer a few demographic questions. It’s that easy!
    “Remember, you can be rejected if your responses prove that you’re not compatible
    with the publisher’s guidelines for readership,” says Fortino. “For example,
    scientists are eligible for Today’s Chemist at Work, but if an accountant were
    to apply for a subscription to Technology & Learning, they would not qualify,”
    he explains. Look for magazines of interest to you at:




    June 28, 2006

    Knowledge Is Your Most Valuable Marketing Tool

    by @ 8:35 am. Filed under Internet Marketing Articles

    Without a doubt, knowledge is your most valuable marketing tool. It is the essential and necessary element needed to succeed in any marketing venture. This holds especially true for Internet Marketing.

    The right marketing knowledge will save you time, money and a whole lot of stress.

    But where does one acquire such knowledge? Where does one find the necessary information you need to market successfully online? And just HOW does one go about acquiring such knowledge?

    Internet marketing is a relatively new field. The Internet itself is a relatively new phenomenon, created within the living memory of most of the people reading this article. Most of its now common features… search engines, online stores, email, websites, blogging… are all new inventions for our glorious cyber age.

    Take for example, one of the Net’s major players Google; it has only been crawling and searching the Net since 1998 - who would have believed an 8 year-old could wheel so much power and influence?

    Other players such as Amazon, Yahoo, Ebay, MSN… are all just new kids on the block when compared to the long history of marketing.

    Like any industry, business or field of study - Internet Marketing has produced its own experts. People who have mastered the art of web marketing from first-hand experiences, lessons learnt and drawn from the trenches - the most trustworthy of all knowledge. Valuable knowledge they can use again and again to market their wares online.

    This knowledge has become a valuable marketing tool for those who have mastered the skills of the trade. It can quickly turn any website into a profitable endeavor, producing income 24/7/365.

    Nor should this knowledge be seen as anything magical. Knowledge in any field can produce wealth; think of all the fine craftsmen and artists of old who had to learn a skill or knowledge to produce great priceless pieces of art. Think of the cabbies of London who must acquire the Knowledge of the routes around London in order to make a living.

    For that matter, think of any modern profession and you will have to acquire the proper knowledge in order to practice your trade or profession. Internet Marketing is no different. You must acquire the skills and knowledge to market successfully online.

    But the question still remains, where does one acquire this knowledge, the real marketing tool you need to succeed online?

    One source would surely have to be the experts. Who else will know the answers but the present day Top Internet Marketers? But who are these people? What are their names?

    If you surf the web, no doubt you have come in contact with these marketers. Directly or indirectly their handiwork is everywhere. Their ideas, methods, and marketing techniques have influenced most of the sites on the web.

    Many of better known ones even have mentoring programs to train and teach their protégés. Acquiring the knowledge could just be a matter of hooking up with one of these so-called marketing gurus.

    Where are these elusive creatures hiding? Who are they?

    If you’re new to Internet Marketing - one good place to start is this site: - it lists some of the major marketers on the web. All these Internet Marketers have opt-in lists and ezines which you can join to get first-hand tips and advice.

    Make sure these names has some significance to you: Marlon Sanders, Yanik Silver, Neil Shearing, Ken Evoy, John Reese, Rosalind Gardner, Joel Comm, Jim Daniel, David Vallieres, Willie Crawford…

    Many of these Marketers have their own info products which you can purchase to gain more knowledge. Many also have free guides, reports and articles you can learn valuable information from. Most have websites choked full of valuable marketing information, yours for the taking.

    One of the saving graces of the Net - it is a vast storehouse of our collective knowledge. We can access that knowledge anytime, anywhere… one large reservoir of marketing knowledge can be found in the online marketing forums. Here are the Top Forums:

    Anthony Blake’s Entrepreneurial Success Forum

    Associate Programs run by Allen Gardyne

    Lesley Fountain’s Friends In Business Board

    If you need direct, hands-on Internet Marketing training manuals, try the free Masters Courses offered by Net Writing, Action Guide, Affiliate Marketing… are all covered in these excellent handy guides. You can find a link to these free manuals at the end of this article.

    Don’t forget the pioneers of marketing in general, try to get your hands on copywriting and advertising tips/advice/techniques from marketing Masters of the past: Claude Hopkins, John Caples, Robert Collier and Vic Schwab. Many of their methods can be directly applied to online marketing. Many of their marketing methods and theories still cast a ghostly reflection in all of today’s Internet Marketers.

    Keep in mind, studying any trade takes some time and effort on your part. So do your homework - study the Masters, past and present! Acquire some of their knowledge, learn some of their skills and yes, model some of their marketing methods and techniques in your own online marketing.

    Persevere, examine, harvest and digest the wealth of knowledge that’s yours for the taking. Cram if you have too, but acquire as much marketing information as you possibly can. Then apply that knowledge to your own online interests as you would any other marketing tool.

    Then the next time you’re tempted to buy some expensive piece of marketing software - go ahead and buy it! But if you have done your homework and studied all your marketing lessons, you will know that knowledge is the one and only marketing tool you will need to succeed online.

    The author operates numerous sites on the web, his latest site is Marketing Tool Guide where you can find all the latest helpful and effective marketing tools, including the Free Internet Marketing manuals mentioned above: Internet Marketing Tools Copyright © 2006 Titus Hoskins. This article may be freely distributed if this resource box stays attached.

    June 26, 2006

    The Marketing Tool Guide Is Now Open For Business!

    by @ 7:18 am. Filed under Marketing Tool Guide

    This marks the official launch of Marketing Tool Guide - an indepth guide to the Real Internet Marketing tools you need to succeed online. These are the actual marketing tools every webmaster or marketer should have in their marketing toolboxes.

    These marketing tools will place your site and content in the best possible light. They will help promote and manage your site or sites. These effective marketing tools will increase your traffic and sales. They will work for you. Just put them to work!

    Have a good look around, try some tools, take the free eCourse — Enjoy!


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    tool n. anything used to accomplish a definite purpose.

    Click Here For Free Magazines!

    Marketing Help:

    Simple 7 Day e-Course

    Tooling Your Way to Traffic & Profits

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    Your Privacy is Assured.

    Marketing Shortcuts:

    Save Yourself From Frustration
    Beginning Marketers can save Time, Money and Frustration by using 'All-in-One' marketing plans. These programs will give you everything you need to market on the web. Hosting, tools, promotion, resale products and helpful guidance.


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    WebsiteWizard/Simon Grabowski

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